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Shoulder Treatment

Soar Free Wellness


Did you know? While massage therapy can be very relaxing, it can also be an essential part of your injury rehabilitation, just as much as physiotherapy. It can also be a great complement to receiving chiropractic care.

It can help with things like: tendonitis, frozen shoulder, knee injuries, sprains and strains, lower back injuries, neck pain, improving posture, and even improving sleep quality.

Massage therapy can also help prevent injuries, by helping you improve and maintain range of motion in joints, and keep you moving optimally.



Angel Marie San Juan

Registered Massage Therapist

Hi! I am Angel Marie San Juan, owner and therapist at Soar Free. I am a registered massage therapist in good standing with the CMTO, and I understand how important pain-free movement can be.


I enjoy helping all my patients achieve their goals - whether it is to get through a work-day pain-free, return to sport from an injury, or rehabilitate individuals post-op, and many things in between.

I enjoy connecting with my patients - your goals become my goals. I look forward to working together with you!



Fully clothed, sports-style assisted stretching

A different modality! Great to improve your mobility, prepping for a workout, or even for post-work out recovery.


Deeper-tissue type massage

Enjoy a deep tissue massage, with the increased benefits of cupping, including improved mobility and tissue circulation.


Swedish, Trigger Point Therapy, Fascial Techniques, or Deep Tissue

Looking to move or feel better? Or even improve mood, sleep, rehabilitate an injury, or prevent injury? This is for you.


Massage using heated basalt stones.

If you enjoy hot hydrotherapy - this can be a great way to relax, or to help prepare muscles for deep tissue massage with more ease.

Registered Massage Therapy Prices

All prices include HST.

We do not provide direct billing. We accept cash, credit, or debit. Amex is accepted. We issue you a receipt to submit to your insurer. 


20 minute mini-sessions are sports-style, done over the clothes. Loose fitting, athletic wear is ideal for these sessions. If you require multiple areas to be treated, longer sessions are recommended.

20 Mins

$35.00 - mini session

45 Mins


75 Mins


30 Mins


60 Mins


90 Mins


hot stone massage.jpg

Hot Stone Massage Therapy

A great option for heat hydrotherapy enthusiasts - to relax, or to help prep for deep tissue treatment.

Not sure if you'll like it? Try it as an add-on to an existing 60, 75 or 90 minute session. Please contact us to accomodate you, if you have a session booked, and would like the add-on.

45 Mins

$110.00 - full session

To existing 60, 70, or 90 min sessions


The initial portion will be regular massage therapy, while the final 5 - 10 minutes will conclude using hot stones.

Still Curious about hot stone massage?


The Sports Corner - FST

Looking for a sports style treatment? We offer Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) treatments!

This modality is great for recovering from post-workout soreness, increasing range of motion in stiff joints, or even prepping for sports or physical activities.

We offer FST only treatments, or FST and Massage Therapy Combo treatments.

FST only treatments are great options for athletes, or patients who would prefer to remain dressed.

FST and Massage Therapy Combination Treatments focus on FST for up to 30 to 40 minutes of the session, with the remainder of the treatment being traditional massage. The difference between this and a regular massage therapy booking is that a regular massage may incorporate stretching for up to a few minutes only. The pricing difference reflects the greater physical demands on the therapist with these options.


437-766-9339  |

Ready to move and feel better? Let's work together! I will get back to any emails or voice messages within 1 business day.

Found within Sole Renewal Footcare & Wellness.

720 Elderberry Drive Unit #4, Oshawa, Ontario, L1K 2J4

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