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Though the worst of COVID-19 is now behind us, rest assured, we maintain strict disinfection and santization protocols in the clinic. Your health is of utmost importance to us.

Though masks are no longer required, we require masks to be worn for "face-up" neck treatments, to keep everyone safe.

Back Massage

What is massage therapy?

"Massage therapy involves manipulation of a person's soft tissue and this manipulation of soft tissues should be performed for a therapeutic purpose: maintaining, rehabilitating, and augmenting physical function, or by relieving pain and promoting health."

Massage therapy has many benefits, beyond general relaxation. Such benefits can include improving posture, relieving pain, rehabilitation of chronic injuries, improving mobility for sport-related activities, aiding in physical recovery, or improving sleep quality.

Do you provide direct billing?

We do not provide direct billing. Payment is up front, and we provide a receipt afterwards. You can then submit the receipt to your insurer. For first time submissions, manually entering provider details may be necessary. This is a normal part of the claim submission process. Please ensure you contact your insurance provider prior to booking to ensure you understand your coverage. We thank you for your understanding!

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